Thursday, March 25, 2010

post-mortem~jom jemaah 2

Hope everyone is in the best of iman and health~

Alhamdulliah, "Jom Jemaah 2" had been successfully organised last Sunday. Thanks to all for the cooperation and hardwork, especially for taking the trouble of preparing all those yummy food (i shall not worry about celebrating raya here, we have lots of good cook in the cohort! =))

During that session, 3 "lucky" speakers of our cohort members were given the golden opportunity to share some valuable knowledge of theirs, and from that talk,
what they stressed mainly was about maintaining good relationships, not only with other human beings (Hablumminannas) , but most importantly, to maintain a good relationship with Allah s.w.t. (Hablumminallah). This is an issue that I believe, we are all aware of, but putting it into practice is sometimes neglected.

The very first speaker himself mentioned "if we take care of Allah, Allah will take care of us" (kalau kita jaga Allah, Allah akan jaga kita). So, remember to always maintain a good relationship with Allah. How? Jaga solat, jaga iman, jaga amal. Prayer is the pillar of the religion. That it the most fundamental aspect that we should put extra concern into to maintain good relationships with Allah, and back it up with "amalan sunat" (we even back up all the files, especially assignments in our laptop in case the laptop broke down, same goes here, we need to back up our "amalan wajib" with "amalan sunat", because we don't know which of our amalan is accepted by Allah).

Executing Hablumminannas, one thing that we should bear in mind is; people make mistakes- that's common because as a weak human being who is far from perfect, there will be times when we fail to control our emotions and actions, doing things that would hurt others- Forgive and forget, because at one point, all those issues and disputes would not mean anything anymore.

"Life is shorter than most have thought"


Monday, March 22, 2010

Salam . Sayang . Untuk . Semua

Jernihkan Fikiran dan Rohani...Semoga Sentiasa di Landasan yang Sepatutnya


Ya Allah Yang Maha Pengasih,
Tetapkanlah kami pada jalan yang Engkau kehendaki
Pada lorong yang Engkau redhai
Kekalkanlah rasa cinta kami ke arah kebajikan yang ikhlas keranaMu
Permudahkanlah segala urusan kami
Lindungilah kami daripada segala bencana dan malapetaka
Jauhkanlah kami daripada hasutan syaitan dan nafsu yang menyimpangkan segala kemahuan kami untuk beribadah kepadaMu
Lindungilah kami daripada segala perkara yang menggugat akidah kami
Lindungilah kami daripada bahana pecah-belah di kalangan kami
Satukanlah hati-hati kami untuk berjihad pada jalanMu
KepadaMu kami memohon, Ya Allah yang Maha Mendengar segala rintihan dan permintaan kami...